The Territory

The territory of the Province of Rimini is found in the extreme south of the Province of Emilia-Romagna, a brief distance from the Province of Pesaro. Within only 20 kilometres of the famous resorts you will find an extra ordinary and interesting world, where you will certainly eat well.

Riccione offers the tourist a large choice. Theme Parks, Shows, Conference Halls, Wonderful shopping, The beach resorts of this region are legendary, providing every facility for a wonderful beach holiday. This is the known face of the region but we also offer but visits to the remnants of ancient worlds from Roman to Medieval times, where you will discover Medieval hilltop towns, complete with castles, in the midst of hills covered with chestnut and olive trees.


The culture of the region presents, authors, books, concerts, films, theatre and the Festival of Classical Music (Sagra Musicale Malatestiana). These, the most prestigious concerts in the territory, are held at the end of August and the beginning of September.

The new Conference and Exhibition Centre of Rimini is among the most modern in Europe and offers a high standard of service to international clients.

Local Fairs and Festivals display the traditional history, culture and gastronomy of Romagna.

Well worth a visit, are the hills behind the sea, they offer walks in beautiful and natural surroundings. The little jewels of towns, show their history and the Roman and Medieval architecture of Romagna.  We offer the unique opportunity to taste, smell and experience the colour and perfumes of the changing seasons in these ancient hills.

It is a trip in which you will walk slowly along the narrow streets of  small Medieval towns, entering the shops of the local and ancient craftsmen. Perhaps stopping at the end of the street to sample the local wine and food of the region. The same recipes were used and jealously guarded by the noble families of the past.