Getting Around

Tourists need no automobile here since Riccione provides a comfortable system of 24hour buses connections and a complete system of local public transportation.

Ecological transport
Car Sharing

By Bus

From the Railway Station in Riccione:

  • Line 42: Riccione Spa, Piazzale Curiel (seaside), Riccione Centre, Aquafan, Coriano
  • Line 43: San Lorenzo (inland), Alba district, Riccione Centre
  • Lines 41 and 45 (summer): seaside, Riccione Spa, Aquafan
  • Line 46: to the discos
  • Info: TRAM Rimini
    Ticket Office in Piazzale Curiel
    +39 0541 692642

Servizio Blue Line

Blue Line: is in service in the months of July and August, everyday from 2 in the morning until 6 the following morning. There are 5 routes. Tickets are available from the automatic ticket machines inside the station.

  • Line Blue: from Bellaria Igea-Marina to Riccione along the road coast passing by Viserbella, Viserba, Rivabella, Rimini Railway Station, Marina Centro, Bellariva, Rivazzurra, Miramare to Riccione Bus Terminalin Piazzale Curiel
  • Line Pink: from Riccione Bus Terminal in Piazzale Curiel towards the discos on the hills around the town
  • Line Pink Bis: from Riccione Bus Terminal to Aquafan nad back
  • Line Green: from Riccione Bus Terminal in Piazzale Curiel passing by Misano Brasile to Santamonica Race Track and back
  • Lines Yellow: from Riccione Railway Station towards Misano, Cattolica and Gabicce and back

Ecological Transport

The road network on the Adriatic Coast is provided with several ecological means of transport for the protection of the environment. For those who want to move privately, all hotels in Riccione provide some bicycles to be used along the cycle paths across the public gardens and parks.

Car Sharing

The Car Sharing service, arranged by the Municipality of Riccione, provides at business travelers some cars built in conformity with the European directives regarding the protection of environment. You may choose the more suitable car for your needs along with free parking in Riccione, Cattolica and Rimini (even on the paying parking lots marked by blue lines), getting around without any restrictions to traffic, and finding always a dedicated parking lot.

  • Info: TRAM Servizi
    V.le Della Chiesa 38 - 47900 Rimini
    +39 0541 300842

By taxi

Comfortable and fast for those who arrive by train or plane and need a transfer to and from the hotel with heavy luggage or want to move around easily.

Taxi Parking Railway station

  • Hourly charge: from the taximeter activation, run included (up to the first kilometer covered and/or up to 5 minutes from the beginning of the run) € 3,62
  • Call charge: € 1,55
  • Night extra charge: plus 25% (until 6 AM)
  • Info Line: Phone +39 0541 600559/600553